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Trippin’ together: The journey continues

I read somewhere that a journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles. There are chances that you travel faster alone, but you will definitely travel farther when you are with someone.

I don’t remember all the instances when you let me reach the destination first as you had to carry my luggage. Or the times you dropped back to tell me that our destination  wasn’t very far…or the ones where I had waited at the crossroads for you to catch up because you were too engrossed in taking photos.

But I do remember that we were always together. In all the steps we took, in all the stops we made, in all the waiting rooms, snaking queues, and never-ending trails. No matter what, we always ride together.

Here is to more trippin’ together in the year 2014…..

The Versatile Blogger Nomination

When I first read about my nomination I thought ‘Do I deserve this?’ I have been  in this blogging space for not very long to be nominated. But thank you very much, Nisha, for nominating me.

Well, these are the rules that are passed on to me along with the award.

  1. Nominate 15 Fellow Bloggers
  2. Inform the Bloggers of their nomination
  3. Share 7 random things about yourself
  4. Thank the Blogger who nominated you
  5. Add the Versatile Blog Award picture to your blog post.
I have the privilege of passing on the award to 15 fellow bloggers who have created their own space.  I have always enjoyed reading and following your blog.
I wished I could add more.
And 7  random facts about me.
  1. I was once lost (and found) as a toddler in a shopping centre.
  2. I learnt only to speak, read and write in my mother tongue when I was 8 years old.
  3. Inability to tell right from left: whatever it is called, I suffer from that.
  4. I am very bad at ball games. Can never catch or throw a ball.
  5. I have short sight, but I only wear specs at home.
  6. I am not very good at sketching and drawing, but I still keep on buying books on sketching and drawing.
  7. I rehearse before talking on the phone to someone I do not know.

The joy of the self-timed photographs

Taken from a dining chair

Travelling as a couple has its own advantages.  You get a double room by default; you can send your wife/partner to buy a ticket without queuing up in a men’s queue; you can taste your partner’s vegetarian food without sharing your own non-veg food; the car/bus/train/plane ride is less boring; and finally, and most importantly, you are with someone you connect from home that makes you less homesick.

Taken from a garden chair

Travelling as a couple can be difficult also. Mainly, when you want to take a photograph. You are always on a lookout for similar couples and you end up approaching them with an ‘I’ll-take-your-photograph-if you’ll-take-ours’ sort of attitude.

A boulder can be the best tripod

You are constantly scanning your fellow travellers to see whether he/she has the same or equal make of camera (esctatic to see an upgraded version), so that you do not have to explain how to take your photograph properly.  We have ended up giving our camera to people who have, instead of taking our photo, have taken their friend’s photo.

Another stone wall balanced the camera

Or you even end up giving your camera to an over-enthusiastic neo-camera geek who thinks he/she knows everything about shutter speed and aperture size and as a result changes all the settings, taking a shot that is either over-exposed or under-exposed.

The solution: self-timed photographs.

A sub-shrine served our purpose

But self portraits are tough for a number of reasons; you can’t see yourself to know how you look. Setup can be more time consuming due to the running back and forth and getting it right.

A granite wall took our photo

Focus is difficult because, again, you can’t see where that focus point is resting and if you are using a timer mode, there is a chance you are not in focus as the camera found something else to focus on.

Don't focus on the tree trunk

And it can be dangerous too. There have been many occasions when our camera has tumbled to the ground or, as a matter of fact, the photographer (on most occasions my better half) has taken a tumble too! We have tried balancing our camera on rocks, bricks, trees, stairs, our car, even using the lid of a dustbin once (eww).

Our car served as a tripod

Our car served as a tripod

But the joy of  jumping in as part of a photo yourself? Priceless. Some of our best photographs were taken with the self-timer. Don’t you think so?

The dustbin @#$%

The beginnings

The most difficult part is always at the beginning. And I was having troubles with my beginnings. Everybody else was blogging all over on everything under the sun and beyond. I had to blog too. To create a blog  was not difficult. It was just a click and a password away. To decide on a travel blog was also not difficult. Travelling is something I love to do and enjoy immensely and photography is a passion. So when I decided on a travel blog where I could put in all my travel experiences with photographs, I had not realised it would be really difficult to name the blog.  I wanted a name which was short, crisp, memorable and that would convey and describe what it represented. I scoured my brain for a name. Came up with a few which were discarded on the way. After some tossing and turning (and inputs from my better half)  TravelLenz was born. Click and Enjoy.

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