Monthly Archives: October 2009

The beginnings

The most difficult part is always at the beginning. And I was having troubles with my beginnings. Everybody else was blogging all over on everything under the sun and beyond. I had to blog too. To create a blog  was not difficult. It was just a click and a password away. To decide on a travel blog was also not difficult. Travelling is something I love to do and enjoy immensely and photography is a passion. So when I decided on a travel blog where I could put in all my travel experiences with photographs, I had not realised it would be really difficult to name the blog.  I wanted a name which was short, crisp, memorable and that would convey and describe what it represented. I scoured my brain for a name. Came up with a few which were discarded on the way. After some tossing and turning (and inputs from my better half)  TravelLenz was born. Click and Enjoy.

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